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Because Everything Just Tastes Better Over a Campfire!

We use the term gourmet very loosely around here. Here’s a secret: if you can cook at home, you can cook over a campfire.

Let’s admit it, even the most pedestrian fare, cooked well, tastes delicious when eaten at a campsite. With just a few simple techniques and some great recipes, you’ll impress your family and friends, and inspire envy at the next campsite over. (Believe me, I know this to be true from personal experience. At one trip in the Rockies, we heard the men camping next to us say to their wives “But THEY have CAKE!” The next day when we needed some help with equipment, they rushed to assist.)

It’s all about knowing the techniques of cooking in a rustic kitchen.  There are a few other things that make Campfire Gourmet cooking just a little different than what you’d do at home:

Minimal ingredients:  I try to keep it to five per recipe, and no more than ten per meal (fewer at breakfast), and make meal plans that allow you to use the leftovers for a different meal.

Minimal prep:  I’ll give you some easy tips  to do your prep at home to make onsite cooking super easy!

Minimal equipment: No one wants to use (and pack … and clean …) four or five pans to make one dish. I try, where possible, to limit you to one.

Easy cleanup: Need I say more?

Are you ready to get started? Let’s go!

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